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Holidays Are Coming.

18 Oct

Holidays Are Coming

Soon it will be Thanksgiving and  Christmas .  During this year, at the end of the year you can reflect, and realize how strong you were and how you survived the rough economic times you faced this year. Even if you are still employed, there is someone you know who has been faced with the reality of losing their job, or finding it harder to support their family.

At this time , I implore you to reach out to your neighbors, family and friends and the man on the street and offer to lend a hand. If you feel awkward in approaching someone and still want to help those who are hurting then volunteer at a soup kitchen, shelter etc.  You can even donate slightly used or new clothing at a shelter. Remember that there are children at these shelters, and remember Christmas belong to the children. Take toys to your local shelter. I am sure anything that you do to help someone during this holiday season will  be appreciated.

Please respond to this blog and tell me of ways in which your family will enjoy this holiday season and what they are doing to help those in need.


Just another day in the neighborhood.

14 Oct

I live in a neighborhood that is mostly comprised of  working families and the elderly.  I know my neighbors, they are very friendly.  The problem is we have nothing in common.

I work from home, so my neighbors can’t relate.  They think I just stay home and look at tv and just lie around.  I am an administrative assistant, who stays busy for the 8 to 10 hours I put in work from home.

Since I am not around a lot of people, I would like some suggestions for things a single person can do for fun.  A lot of the places I am interested in going to you would have more fun if you were with someone.

In the past I have done volunteer work,  now I don/t have the time or committment to lend myself out.  I remember thinking that one day I would not have a significant other , and I would enjoy the alone time.  I would make this a time for me to get to know myself, and I have.

I have found out that I am a really boring person, and that I am afraid of venturing out.  I need to so I can find me.