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Just Give Them Something To Talk About

20 Oct

I have a friend that whether I am doing good or bad, she feels the need to broadcast this to our friends.  She tells everyone what is going on in my life.  I think this type of information is between us two, or whomever I want to tell.  I don’t think that  is her decision to tell everyone about my personal status.

I ran into a friend a couple of days ago, who I haven’t seen in a long time.  We started to catch up on how we have been since the last time we saw each other.  She stopped me in mid sentence and told me that she gets a weekly update on what is  going on with me.  She knew about personal things that concerned me.

The information wasn’t given to her out of concern, it was that I was just a topic of conversation.   I was very appalled at this , because some of the information that I gave the informant was strictly confidential, and I would never do this to her or anyone. 

I feel that when I am engaged in a conversation with someone that the   information given to me is strictly confidential and it is not my right to divulge this information given to me.  Not only that, if a person wanted to know any information about that individual, they can call them and ask.

I know that I am  not the only one who has a friend who likes to gossip.   I know in my heart that it is not malicious, but I still would like my conversations to be just between me and the person I am speaking to.  Try giving them something to talk about , such as world  peace, hunger, shopping, just anything to stop them from  talking about someone. 

Ask them about themselves, and maybe they will found out that they are interesting enough, and they don’t have to gossip about a particular individual to make the conversation interesting.  They will realize that they are enough to keep the conversation going, and you will find out the reason why this person is your friend, because you have so much in common.

This is one way to get your friend back, you finding out about them and what they have been up to reinforces your friend ship.  I believe if you do this enough, the gossip would stop.   Remember, Just Give Them Something Else To Talk About.